Paving Industry Guidelines

Methods of Payment

Cash, Personal Cheques, Certified Cheques, and E-Transfers.

Zoning Bylaws

Please contact the zoning department within your city or the builder for new builds prior to contacting CFJ Paving Ltd. in reference to extensions.

Paving Industry Guidelines

  1. The start date for a project depends on the booking date, locates and the weather.
  2. Our office gets a very high volume of quote requests all year round. A great deal of time is spent tracking people, working around the weather and or client’s vacation time.  Please make the info. available.
  3. Please understand that an estimate doesn’t become a work order until we are told that CFJ is awarded the job.  CFJ runs locates and there is a wait time.
  4. First time, new residential accounts are required to provide a 50% deposit to firm up the booking and to avoid double booking of pavers.
  5. Please help our administrator staff direct inquiries promptly by providing detailed information:
    1. the name of the sales person.
    2. as well as the stage/phase the project is at.
    3. the reason for calling.
  6. Please keep in mind, that we are not set up to expedite services.
  7. Expedition of residential services for a premium fee which includes the cost of the crew can be made available upon request at the time of booking.
  8. At CFJ we keep the consumer in mind.  When quoting, CFJ quotes based on a shared crew cost.  Help CFJ staff help you!

How long does it take to complete a project?

Depending on what needs to get done residential projects could take anywhere from three to five weeks for completion and up to three months.  Adequate temperatures play an important role within the construction industry, service combos take longer and we never know what we will find once we start digging.

Contact Information

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