One Year Warranty

CFJ Paving Limited agrees for a period of ONE (1) year that it will repair any defects that may arise as a result of substandard material or poor workmanship supplied (site visit required).  Repair work is not warranted.

Note:  The Purchaser shall have the sole responsibility of determining the location of the area to be paved in relation to existing lot lines and CFJ Paving Limited shall assume no responsibility to any encroachments onto any adjoining properties.


CFJ will not warrant damage done by homeowner or other:  Tire marks, twisting of tires, gas/oil/chemical spills, parking on unsupported edges, high heel/chair damage/bike damage etc.

Twisting Tires

Residential Accounts please remember that other than driving in and out straight on the driveway (without twisting the tires) nothing should be placed on the driveway within it’s curing stage which is normally one year to one year and a half.


If thinking about sealing the driveway, we ask that it be done after our warranty has expired otherwise our warranty becomes void.

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