Regular, Exposed or Stamped

Service combinations depending on the type of concrete (regular, exposed, or stamped) take longer to co-ordinate and complete due to curing, settlement stage and weather.   CFJ staff informs all our clients of procedures one on one and step by step.

Cement orders, please don’t panic!  Please keep in mind that CFJ doesn’t pour concrete until the homeowner approves forming.

Please have the water on as well as hoses available for our asphalt/cement crews.  It gets messy!  Please don’t touch anything until our crews come back onsite no matter how ugly it looks or what the neighbors say.  We have had clients clean their driveways prematurely which resulted in damage due to neighbor feedback.

A minimum 2-3 weeks courtesy time needs to be added  on to wait times for paving contracts especially when other contractors are involved.

Broom Concrete Finish

Stamped Concrete

Exposed Aggregate

Concrete & Ashpalt


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