Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt takes about one year to one year and a half to fully cure. Once paved, please stay off for three to four days. Water it on a hot, hot day to cool off because asphalt absorbs heat.
Back fill the sides with soil and seed as soon as possible if required and where required. Do not twist tires while the vehicle is completely stopped. It causes dents. Turning while driving will cause tire marks and tire marks are inevitable.
Driving in and out straight will not disturb fresh asphalt. Please do not park on the water shut off or on unsupported edges. These areas are not intended for parking.
Chairs, bike kick stands, and high heels to name a few puncture the asphalt and leave holes. This is damage which is not covered under warranty. Last but not least, parking on different spots is also a good idea.

Concrete Maintenance

Cement under the right temperatures reaches 90% strength within it’s first week. Asphalt reaches 100% strength after two years. Asphalt gets stronger once it goes white, much like the roads in older subdivisions.
Asphalt and cement are two totally different products and not comparable. Each product serves it’s own purpose, hence the cost difference. Proper maintenance during it’s curing stages and thereafter will definitely add to it’s lifespan!
According to our cement supplier, any pet friendly deicer is okay to use on cement installs. Also please note, that the purpose of sealing a cement driveway is to preserve color and protect against damage, so for colored concrete installs, the homeowner should seal their driveway twice the first year and once annually for the next three years minimum.

Repairs Lists (Wait List)

A Residential Repair Wait List is kept at the office for residential accounts. CFJ staff follows up with an onsite inspection to determine the cause of damage. Either the inspector follows up with the client directly or he/she has office staff call on his behalf. At a future date, CFJ office staff calls asking clients to leave the area vacant for repair access. Residential repairs are dispatched twice a year. Builder Account Repair Lists are worked with the sites on the next run.


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